At Jenco Feeds, we are proud of who we are and where we’ve come from.
For more than 60 years, Jenco has been a name synonymous with superior premium quality stock feeds and grassroots customer service. In this time, our customers have come to trust and depend upon the superior quality that we’ve became famous for. Founded in the early 1950s in Allora, Queensland, Jenco Feeds is a thriving third generation family company with a big heart and a strong vision. In all our years of operation, we have always strived to make a genuine difference within local rural communities throughout Australia and never cut corners just to make a quick buck.

Having come from the land, we like to think we are big enough to make a genuine difference yet still small enough to care for the people who help make us the progressive company we are today.

From a local store to a thriving premium Australian stockfeed company

In the early days, Jenco Feeds was a retail store, providing farming communities in the Darling Downs area with equipment, services, seed grading and premium quality stock feeds. As demand for our premium quality stock feeds grew, we recognized the potential to manufacture and sell convenient sized bagged stock feed to the local farming community. In 1979 the operation expanded to include a seed grading plant which accommodated the growing demand for our premium machine dressed grains products, seed planting varieties and our growing international export opportunities. Around the mid 1980’s another plant was commissioned to house our formulation division. This mill produces all our renowned poultry mash feeds, our famous premium bird seed lines plus all our additional ranges of premium stock feed formulations. In the late 80’s the local historic wheat board shed was converted into our integrated logistics division which allowed us to offer unparalled customer service and product freshness through fast dispatch and tailored custom feed rations. Today, we continue to build upon the heritage of the family name and stand proud that Jenco is a beloved rural icon – trusted by breeders, animal lovers and farmers who want superior natural stock feeds for their animals. For more information about Jenco premium stock feeds call 07 4666 3366 or click here to find your local Jenco Feeds stockist.
A big heart and strong vision

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