Give your birds the best nutrition with Jenco’s range of A+ Grade premium birdseeds.
Specifically formulated using the highest grade, natural raw ingredients, Jenco’s range of premium quality Australian bird seeds are nutritionally balanced to ensure your birds stay happy and healthy.

Used throughout Australia by breeders, pet stores and back yard bird lovers, Jenco premium quality Australian bird seeds are known for being the cleanest mix on the market – and is suitable for a menagerie of birdlife.

We are proud of our quality reputation and follow strict manufacturing and quality control processes to remove all impurities from our feeds. Furthermore, every bag of Jenco premium bird seed is covered by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

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Birdseed Mixes

Budgie Mix
Canary Mix
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Parrot Mix
Peachface Mix
Pigeon Mix
Wild Bird Mix

Birdseed Grains

Canary Seed
Japanese Millet
White French Millet
Premium Birdseeds

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All Jenco premium stock feeds come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Quality Nutrition

Get nutritionally formulated stock feeds for optimum health and performance.

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