When looking for feeds high in nutritional value, animal breeders, farmers and hobbyists choose Jenco for the impeccable quality of our grains and mixes.

Made using the highest grade natural raw ingredients, our range of premium machine dressed grains are manufactured following strict quality control processes to ensure all impurities are removed leaving just a premium highly nutritious feed.

By choosing a premium stock feed you are ensuring your animal receives the very best nutrition as the nutrients are more readily absorbed. Premium stock feeds also have less wastage as the feed is rigorously cleaned removing debris and contaminants.

We are proud of our quality reputation which is why all our premium stock feeds are covered by our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Browse our range below or contact us to discuss your animals’ dietary requirements.

Dressed Grains

Premium Maize
Cracked Maize
Racehorse Oats
Cracked Lupins
Cracked Tic Beans
Sunflowers (Black)
Sunflowers (Grey Stripe)
Premium Machine Dressed Grains

Our Promise

All Jenco premium stock feeds come with a 100% money back guarantee.

Quality Nutrition

Get nutritionally formulated stock feeds for optimum health and performance.

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